Play Temple Run on Facebook

With the undeniable popularity of Temple Run, many are saying that its developer has come to the same level or even exceeded the fame of Zynga, the leading social game services provider. Zynga has been ruling the Facebook gaming scene. Will Imangi Studios (Temple Run’s developer) try to rival Zynga by at least making Temple Run available for social media gamers? This is something many want to ask considering how Facebook has become part of everybody’s life. Many are also expecting to play Temple Run on Facebook or other social media in the same way many other popular mobile games have made their way to Facebook.

No Temple Run on Facebook for Now

Unfortunately, Temple Run is not one of the games that can be played on Facebook. There is a game called “Temple Run: OZ” available but it cannot be played online, right within the Facebook site. Also, it is not something developed by Imangi Studios. The Temple Run game that can be searched on Facebook lists “Disney” as its publisher. It cannot be played online. It has to be downloaded to iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices to be playable. In short, you cannot play Temple Run from Imangi Studios on Facebook as of now. However, things may eventually change considering that there are plans to port the game to Windows phones.

Temple Run on Facebook

The official Temple Run Facebook page does not provide a way through which the game can be played on Facebook. Instead, it provides links for those who want to download and install the game on their iOS and Android mobile devices. Also, this official page posts important updates about the game such as the introduction of new characters and new challenges. The page, moreover, features a number of screenshots of particular interest to those who are new to playing the game. Players and fans can use this Facebook page to send comments to the developers for feature requests or to send criticisms or praises.

“Temple Run Multiplayer” Invites

Some avid Temple run players may notice certain Facebook users sending “Temple Run Multiplayer” Invites. It has to be pointed out that these invites don’t actually mean that the game can already be played on Facebook. These invites usually only provide links to the Facebook page of the game. In many cases, they have only been designed by spammers who are looking for targets or by unscrupulous advertisers who are fishing for an audience. It is advisable not to entertain these invites. While they may include “play game” buttons and other elements that make them look convincing, it is unlikely that they will lead you to a section on Facebook where you can play Temple Run.

The best way to know if Temple Run is already available on Facebook is to search for it under the “Games” section. If such a major development happens (Temple Run becoming playable on Facebook), you can expect to find it under the “Recommended” tab so don’t be misled by those who are sending these fake invites.


If you really want to play Temple Run on a bigger screen, with your mouse and keyboard, your best alternative is to use mobile OS emulators. You can try BlueStacks or YouWave. These are the two most popular Android OS emulators for desktop computers. They can allow you to install mobile games straight from the Google Play store or by using an APK installer. If you are a developer, you can also use the free Google Android emulator kit. It is free but you have to have enough technical skills to get it to work