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All Temple Run 2 Artifacts You Can Get Your Hands On

Temple Run 2 comes with new things that were not present on the first installment of the game. This includes the Artifacts that you can collect throughout your run like masks and rings. The holiday update that was released in December of 2013 added five Christmas artifacts that when completed, would give you a bonus Christmas hat.

The list of artifacts that you have already completed can be seen by going to the menu option, then artifacts. Wondering what are all the artifacts available in the game? Search no more as the complete list is here.


There are 10 rings to collect in Temple Run 2. However, like the other artifacts, you may collect the same ring several times. The number of rings you collected will be shown on the right side of the ring name. For instance, if you gathered 4 Infinite Loop ring, there will be an “x 4” next to it. Here are all the ring artifacts in the game.

  • Infinite Loop – this is a round, silver ring that does not have any design.

  • Angel Wings – it’s a gold ring with a green gem at the center and silver wings.

  • Twisted Root – the ring itself looks like a twisted root with a green gem in the center.

  • Floating Island – it is a brown ring with pink and green square design on top that looks like a floating island.

  • Sky Clasp – this is a silver ring with a blue gem in the center.

  • Demon Claw – it’s a black ring with a silver claw on top.

  • Ruby Shard – this is a black ring with red rubies at the center.

  • Cave’s Maw – a gray and green ring with horns.

  • Mystic Rocks – it’s a beautiful and bright silver ring with green and purple rocks.

  • Idol’s curse – black ring with the idol at the center.


There are also 10 masks to collect. They do not have special powers or abilities, but they can help complete some objectives in Temple Run 2. Below is the complete list of the mask artifacts.

  • Fire Breather – brown mask with red fangs and eyes.

  • Infinite Seeker – silver mask with eyes that look like loops.

  • Traveling Tiki – brown and green Tiki mask.

  • Skyward Scream – brown mask with open mouth and blue eyes.

  • Serpent’s Smile – silver serpent mask with green eyes.

  • Silent Menace – wood-like mask without eyes and mouth.

  • Jade Monster – green mask made of jade.

  • The Gatekeeper – silver and green mask with sharp teeth.

  • Demon Skull – silver skull mask.

  • Face of the Idol – gold idol mask.


There are 5 Christmas artifacts to collect in the game and here they are.

  • Candy Cane – red and white mint candy cane.

  • Stocking – red Christmas stocking.

  • Holly – green leaves with red berries.

  • Present – gift wrapped in red wrapper with green ribbon.

  • Wreath – green Christmas wreath with a red ribbon.

Collect all the artifacts now and unlock objectives that would help you level up in the game!

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