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Temple Run Achievements

Just like most of the iPhone games today, there are dozens of Temple Run achievements you can obtain and unlock. Having various achievements adds more exciting to the game, and help motivate players to reveal every hidden object in the game, or try out different strategies to perform well. In temple run, there is a total of 22 achievements, each of them can be unlocked without using any cheats or glitches.

While the game itself is pretty straightforward and simple, unlocking several of these game achievements won’t be an easy task. You will have to show you “athletic skills” and sharp mind to unlock most of them. In Temple run, you are required to run away from a bunch of killer apes who are pursuing you for stealing a magic rune from a temple, yikes.

The game does start relatively slow, but the longer is goes, the harder it gets. Usually the achievements requires you to get a certain number of points, or run a specific amount of meters. Those are the more simple achievements, the one’s you won’t have much trouble to unlock – but what about more demanding tasks, such as collecting all the coins on a given time interval, or being able to resurrect yourself using special power ups in the second you die? And the plot thickens!

Here are short descriptions of each game achievements. To unlock them, simple perform the requires tasks. Most of the basic achievements will only require you to score points or run like thunderbolt, but some will require additional thinking.

Adventurer – Score 25,000 points
Treasure Hunter – Scored 50,000 points
High Roller – Score 100,000 points
1/4 Million Club – Score 250,000 points
1/2 Million Club – Score 500,000 points
Million Club – Score 1,000,000 points
Novice Runner – Run 500 meters
Sprinter – Run 1,000 meters
Athlete – Run 2,500 meters
5K Runner – Run 5,000 meters
10K Runner – Run 10,000 meters
Pocket Change – Collect 100 coins
Piggy Bank – Collect 250 coins
Lump Sum – Collect 500 coins
Payday – Collect 750 coins
Money Bags – Collect 1,000 coins
Allergic to Gold – Run 1,000m without collecting any coins
Double Resurrection – Resurrect twice in one run
Head Start – Use a Head Start
Resurrection – Resurrect after dying
Mega Bonus – Filled the bonus meter 4x
Miser Run – Run 500m without collecting any coins
Resurrection – Resurrect after dying
Double Resurrection – Resurrect twice in one run

Did we forget some Temple Run Achievements? Let us know if you know more!

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