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Temple Run Brave

Temple run has undoubtedly earned its place as one of the top iOS games to come out recently. While the title of the game is highly reminiscent of old school gaming terminology, as well as current MMO terminology, you just might be surprised to find out that this game has nothing to do with what those two imply. This is why it spawned such a big fan base, and at the same time, it caught the attentions of a little Hollywood studio named Pixar. The two together, created a new title by the name of Temple Run Brave and it’s everything you might expect from the mixture of Temple Run development team and Pixar.

As a little side note, the “Brave” movie is pretty good, and you should catch it if the film is shown in a theater near you. It features a young woman passing into adulthood, but in a way, which reflects more contemporary sensibilities. More or less, it’s a flick aimed at mothers and daughter’s wanting to connect on a level where they can both relate. Pixar is notorious for that after all and within their selection lie classics like Up and Wall-E. However, how well does the movie translate into an already well established title?

How does the game Stack up to the movie?

Brave in Temple Run form is quite the enticing idea at first. Sure, you will be able to play the protagonist Merida, in her quest to run really fast. As you may have already surmised, there is not much in the way of story here, as the template of the original title didn’t really allow for deep characterization. Don’t expect the full plot of the movie brave on display here and don’t expect that you get to watch the flick for only .99 cents. Beyond that, the game still offers the same thrills that Temple run did on its first… well… run. It’s more a twitch game combined with the high speeds of Robot Unicorn Attack mixed in with a bit of 3D platforming just for good measure.

As a whole package, one can say that the game is brilliant and is worth every little penny, 99 to be exact, that you spent on it. The tracks are varied enough to keep you coming for more, and playing as the little fiery princess just seems right in the context of the game and the movie. The thing here is that a lot of the game is almost a rehash of the old Temple Run title. At the same time, online leader boards were taken down in this title, and there is no word if they are to tack it on in a patch in the future.

Should you Venture into the game?

Though a lot of the game is a bit retreaded, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it. The graphics were amped up and they look really pretty. At the same time the single player experience is enhanced by more Temple Run Brave trophies and achievements. Overall, the game is a great pocket title that you can take out every so often and replay. You won’t get bored of it, and the Brave movie art style brings a better dimension in how it looks. Instead of the dreary jungle, you are treated to pretty forests with excellent lighting effects. The game is cheap after all, so why not give it a chance?

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