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Temple Run Characters

One of the greatest things about Temple Run, is the ability to choose different characters to play as your in-game hero. Turns out that stealing idols or roaming around bushy jungles if quite the popular things nowadays, and apparently many explorers can do just that, very well. You start the game with your basic hero, Guy Dangerous, and in order to unlock other characters, you’ll need to acquire a hefty amount of golden coins. Hey, you are a treasure hunter after all…

Guy Dangerous

The character you start with. Guy is pretty much your average Joe explorer, not too fast, not too sturdy, but has a lot of heart and cool hair. You are forced to use Guy a lot, because collect coins is a hard task, but also a fun one! Just don’t get too attached to Guy, because there are other cool characters out they.

Scarlett Fox

Scarlett is the Guy Dangerous when it comes to women. Described as a cunning escape artist, it’s pretty obvious that Scarlett was born to run in Temples all day long. Unlock Her for 10,000 gold coins.

Barry Bones

Bones is described as a city cop with an attitude. Now, i know what you’re thinking – how can a bad-ass cop be afraid of some monkeys? First of, have you seen these monkeys? they can sure kick ass. Second, cops are not all that and a bag of potato chips (i trust you seen Austin Powers). Just kidding, but seriously, Bones is human just like any other character. To unlock Bones, you will have to spend 10,000 gold coins as well.

Karma Lee

Now we step a notch up. For 25,000 gold coins you can unlock Karma, but her reputation precedes her wherever she goes, which states that she has the fastest legs in the far east, so its safe to say that chick can run!

Montana Smith

I’m guessing Montana will most likely remind of you another great treasure seeker, but i don’t wanna ruin the surprise. Let’s just say you may end up using him pretty often. Montana Smith is hard to unlock, but for 25,000 golden coins he is all yours!

Francisco Montoya

Like Montana, you can unlock Montoya for 25,000 gold coins. Nothing particularly to say, other than he seems quite the stereotypical treasure hunter, which is not too shabby. I use Montoya quite often!

Zack Wonder

The latest unlockable Temple Run character. Depicted as Football star, i don’t know what Zack is doing in the middle of an ancient Temple, let alone of Jungle, but i don’t know a lot of things… Unlocking Zack will cost you 25,000 gold coins, but Football players are cool, so..

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