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Temple Run Cheats

Temple Run is a video game that talks all about running, jumping and sliding. The game starts when the player’s character steals the secret treasure and unleashes a great evil force. You need to run as much as possible while avoiding hindrances. In order to prevent obstacles and keep away from demonic monkeys, you must run, jump, slide or make a turn. If you find it hard to go over the game, Temple Run cheats is available that gives easy way to win the game or possibly give high scores. Code cheats of every game are now widely used by many players. Temple Run cheats made other players survive the game play and made it into the top.

The lists below are for Temple Run cheats. Find them here and discover how it is being done. For free-run, go to options on main menu and turn on tutorial mode. Start your tutorial on the turning tutorial, slide your finger in the correct way three times when you are turning slide so that you can run forever. If you want effects, enter the following passwords at the Title Screen: samhines86 for unlimited invincibility and rxh7nigh for unlockable characters. The way to enter cheat codes in this game depends on what version of the game you use. You can look for more instruction on how to enter cheat codes through online.

You can also find Infinite Coins Glitch for regular. The trick is to go to options and set on the tutorial mode. Once the tutorial mode is on, start a run and swipe to the side twice quickly at the first turn. This might take you a lot of tries but once you nail it, your character can run forever and even get high scores. You can find plenty of Unlockable characters to be discovered at Temple Run. This includes Guy Dangerous, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Scarlett Fox, Montanna Smith, Francisco Montoya, etc. Once you have collected few coins, you can unlock and choose a character you want.

For game center achievements, you are required to the do a certain task in order to unlock one. Here are some of them: for ½ million club, you need to get a score of 500,000 point; 250,000 points for ¼ million club; run 10,000 meters for 10K runner; run 5,000 meters for 5K runner; score of 25,000 points for adventurer; you need to run 1,000 meters without collecting any coins for allergic to Gold; run 2,500 meters for athlete; resurrect twice in one run for double resurrection; collect 500 coins for high roller; etc.

Here is one cool trick you can do, without having to Jailbreak your device. Simply turns on the tutorial, and swipe two times in the second it gets to the first 4 corners. This will make your screen flip, and then you’ll activate a bug, which allows to the run as much as you can without dying, ever. If for some reason there is a glitch and this doesn’t work, just turn the tutorial off and give it another shot!

That was just a taste of some Temple Run cheats. Play the game and use them to get you faster and get high scores. Take note that some of these glitches work only for iPad and not for Android or iPhones. Take note that we don’t encourage the use of cheats, but hey – to each his own!

Good Luck!

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