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Temple Run For Android

Do you feel left out because you have an Android device and no Temple Run? Wanna run from a temple like a madman all day long? No problem, now you can – Temple Run Android version is gonna hit the market soon!

Temple Run is the newest Android game app that will set to release on February 9, 2012 on the Android market. This amazing app is very popular for iOS systems and has been included in the December 2011 iTunes’ top 50 most downloadable apps and become the number 1 iOS free app. Aside from being the number 1 free app, it also achieved the position as the top grossing iOS app. Due to its popularity among iOS users, many android users are anticipating the release of the app. The game was created by the developers’ husband-and-wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova with its graphic designer Kiril Tchangov. It was first released for 99cents but later on turn into a freemium app. A freemium is a game provide free of charge but you will be charge a premium once you if you purchased an advance features.

Temple Run for Android has an Indiana Jones theme. The main players are Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya and Zack Wonder. The game is focus on these explorers in their quest to steal an idol from an ancient temple. In order to start the game, the player must steal an idol first. However, stealing idol is not that easy, the players’ efforts in stealing a treasure will be useless once a troop of malignant demonic monkey will chase the players out of the temple. This will set off the run. The players must run as fast as they can and avoid any hindrances. In order to escape all obstacles, the player must jump, duck and turn in a precise manner.

In the Temple Run, while being pursued, the players can also collect coins, by tilting the device to the left or right. These coins can come in a yellow diamond shape or can also be red or blue diamond. The most common is the yellow diamond shape. While the red diamond represents a 2-point coin and the blue diamond is a 3-point coin. These coins can be use to purchase in the game’s store. The player may purchase a powerups, perks, unlockable characters and wallpapers. This is how the game goes.

The Temple Run for Android is highly anticipated by many users. The android version of the game will be release under the Imangi Studios. It is expected to be a phenomenal android game app. And for those who are waiting for the android version, the long wait is finally over. We can now enjoy the Temple Run fever in our android devices.

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