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Temple Run Game

Temple Run is a game of non stop action, one who is guaranteed to keep you on your toes and pump every bit of adrenalin in your body for the entire session! Temple Run game starts off when the character you control, a secret explorer, steals a secret idol from an exotic ancient temple. Merely seconds after doing a group of killer apes start to chase him, and let me just say that you don’t wanna see what happens if they catch up to him, but hey this is where you come into the picture!

You control the treasure seeker character, or by his very fitting name Guy Dangerous, and your objective is to stay alive as long as you can, or in other words have a good run…literally! You will have to avoid never ending obstacles and manage your way out of rough terrain, narrow paths, shaky woods platform and more. Temple Run game is basically a survivor action game which takes the mobile gaming industry to a whole new level, showing just how good of a game can be played in your very own smartphone device. Escape your boredom through escaping the temple!

Temple Run isn’t rocket science, but it’s pretty hard to grasp the game play controllers at first. Here is a quick summery to get you started off on the right food

Temple Run Controls

Fortunately for you, the developers behind this great game had already made a tutorial embedded in it. To open the tutorial simply go to the main menu, hit options and press on the button which enables the tutorial and you’re done. If you want a quick review, basically read this:

  • Turn Left – Swipe LEFT

  • Turn Right – SWIPE RIGHT

  • Jump – SWIPE UP

  • Slide – SWIPE DOWN

  • Change Lane to Left – TILT DEVICE, LEFT

  • Change Lane to Right – TILT DEVICE, RIGHT

Temple Run Help

If you happen to watch the game tutorial, it will show you that certain obstacles such as the fire trap can be avoided by docking underneath it, which is true but you may have other options as well. For instance, the fire trap can be avoided by both sliding under and jumping over – experiment and choose your favorite maneuver. Also, in very narrow areas don’t be a sucker for coins as it may result in your demise, better safe than sorry in this cases we reckon!

Perhaps the hardest part in Temple Run game is turning to a side-path where you have to swipe with your fingers to the left or right. Don’t get confused with changing lanes where you only need to tilt you device to the left or right. Pay careful attention to the horizon and see where your path ends so you could swipe a head of time. What people don’t know is that you can swipe 3-4 seconds before reaching the path and it will be enough. You can also swipe during a swipe under or a jump!

Power Ups

Aside from the regular gold coins, you can have many different power-ups which activate special bonuses along your run. Some of them will help you getting additional scores, while others give you survival value and increase the overall length of your run. Here is a quick guide on Temple Run power ups:

The Coin Magnet
This power up looks like a floating red blueish magnet. You will have to jump in order to get it, and what it does is basically acting as a magnet, which will automatically grab all the nearby coins without you having to walk over them to collect them. This is highly important because it will lead to far better scores and better overall performance!

Invisibility Mode
This power up will appear like a floating see-through man and you will have to get it by jumping as well. This is one power up you don’t wanna miss as it turns you to an invincible man! you will no longer fall down of the blank path spaces or get burned up in fire traps. This will turn you to an invincible man, that is also capable of flying, but watch it – it’s only for a limited amount of time!

The Coin Powerup
Using this special powerup allows you to increase the total number of gold coins you collect in your run. There is an added value in collecting the coin power up while you already have one, because it will increase the remaining time until it dissipates

250m Boost Power up
The interesting part of Temple Run game. You see, if you collect these, then your character starts running faster, which results in more points, more power ups and more achievements, but also in much harder game difficulty… Your decision!

Doubling Value
These red coins double the value of the coins you already posses, or to be exact only some of them. Be sure to grab those as they give a large bonus and may be useful for unlocking characters or making a home-run!

Temple Run Unlocks

When you first start playing Temple Run game, you have only one character available, but there is an option of playing as others characters as well, should you unlock them through acquiring the necessary amount of golden coins. This will also give you various boosts and bonuses, as obtaining gold coins grants you separate bonuses and power-ups in the game itself.


  • Comeback to life when killed – 500 obtained coins

  • Boost ahead a 1000meters at the start – 2500 coins

  • Boost ahead a 2500meters at the start – 10,000 coins.


  • 50 Coins – Enabled by collecting 250 coins.

  • Coin Magnet – Enabled by collecting 250 coins.

  • Invisibility – Enabled by collecting 250 coins.

  • 250m Boost -Enabled by collecting 250 coins.

  • Doubling Value – Enabled by collecting 250 coins.


  • Guy Dangerous – Already Unlocked

  • Scarlett Fox – 10,000 Coins

  • Barry Bones – 10,000 Coins

  • Karma Lee – 25,000 Coins

  • Montana Smith – 25,000 Coins

  • Zach Wonder – 25,000 Coins

  • Francisco Motoya – 25,000 coins

Temple Run Wallpapers

  • 5000 coins for each wallpaper.

  • The Temple

  • Guy Dangerous (the main character)

  • Evil Demonic Monkeys!

Real Money Items
If you decide you want to, you can always unlock characters or other bonuses by buying them at the Online Temple Run store. Buy various coin packs for very cheap prices at the store for (the value improves based on amount):

  • 2500 coins – for $0.99

  • 25,000 coins – for $4.99

  • 75,000 coins – for $9.99

  • 200,000 coins – for $19.99

Temple Run Cheats and Achievements

We have prepared a list of cheats and game achievements for you to enjoy. Simply read the special page you want based on the topic! We wish you good luck and a happy run!

Temple Run Cheats

Temple Run Achievements

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