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Temple Run Glitch

Don’t you just hate it when your friend keeps bragging about his high Temple Run Score? You probably hate it even more if you are unable to beat it, no matter what you do. In this page you can read on how to do the Temple Run Glitch successfully in 2 minutes, so you can obtain infinite Temple Run High Scores. The best part about it is that you don’t need to hack your Smartphone or download any sort of application or install cheats, a simple 4-step procedure and off we go! Let’s get right into it – here is a tutorial on activating the Temple Run Glitch:

  • Step 1: Go to the main menu of Temple Run, and click on the options button at the bottom left.

  • Step 2: When inside the options tab, toggle the tutorial to “on”. You are supposed to see a blue sign if done correctly.

  • Step 3: Start playing Temple Run normally, and wait for the first right turn.

  • Step 4: Instead of swiping once, swipe 2 times to the right very rapidly. Your character will stumble for a second, and then keep running forever.

That’s it, we are done! Now your character keeps on running forever, in a plain manner. You won’t get to collect any coins or powerups, nor will you need to jump or duck. Guy will just keep running endlessly, until you exit the application, so you can virtually obtain any high score you want, the question is how long you wanna keep your device on! Happy running!

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