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Temple Run Guide

So, you are looking to join the bandwagon of crazy and stressed out men and women constantly hooked on their mobile phones and tablets, swiping and cursing as they try to beat the game that literally has no finish line? Yes, you have discovered Temple Run, the hit arcade mobile game from Imangi Studios for iOS and Android devices. Currently, it maintains to be at top 10 of the most downloaded apps for iOS devices in the US. Here is a quick Temple Run guide to help you figure out what the game is about, how to play it, and how to really become a Temple Run master. Let’s get right into business!


Temple Run begins with your character, who is a treasure hunter, leaving a temple after grabbing a seemingly innocent but ancient artifact. As soon as he leaves the temple, a score of gorillas chase after him in a frenzy. And, that is where your story begins. As soon as the chase begins, you take control of the treasure hunter and your mission is to get as far away from the gorillas as you can. Along the way, there will be obstacles to avoid, and you can do so through timely swipes and tilts.

While the game is really for single player mode, it does have a multiplayer component that allows players to compete based on actual high scores. You can access that section of the game through the Game Center icon, which will show you the current leaderboards.

Timing of your jumps, slide, or turns is crucial as missing a beat, falling into a ravine, or dropping of a high platform will mean starting over. Hitting the occasional obstacle is okay as long as you don’t do it too often as that can kill your character as well.

Game Controls

As previously mentioned, you can control your character by swiping in certain directions and through the tilting of the device. For instance, swiping up will make the character jump. Swiping left or right will make the character turn to that direction. Tilting the device to the left or to the right will make the character switch lanes in the direction of the tilt. Sliding, which is a very crucial and invaluable move in the game yet normally forgotten by the player, can be accomplished by swiping down.

With regards to the running, the speed and momentum are set and automated. Hence, you can relax and focus on just the direction and movements of your character because he will keep on running no matter what you do.

Coins, Power-ups, and Utilities

As you go through every little path and avoid each and every obstacle that faces you as your character runs for your life, you will encounter coins, particularly on the numerous platforms you will come across. Collecting these coins is a critical part of the game as the coins you collect can be traded in for in-game store inventory items called power-ups and upgrades. Power-ups and utilities, when purchased and used, can make the game a whole lot easier for you, allowing you a chance to improve on your previous scores. Here is a list of power-ups and upgrades you can purchase or acquire during the game.

  • Mega Coin – This is a coin you can collect in-game that is worth more than a single coin. At its first level, it is worth 50 coins. Upgrade it and the coin’s worth will increase as high as 150 coins. You can then use it to get coins and purchase other power-ups and upgrades.

  • Coin Magnet – This power-up allows you to collect coins on a run without having to tilt your device just to get them. All you have to do is move near the coins and it will be automatically collected. As you upgrade this, the duration of the power-up becomes longer.

  • Invisibility – With this, your character will become invisible, leaving the mutant-like gorillas in the dust. During this time, you will never fall off platforms as new paths will appear for you to walk on should you accidentally make a wrong move. As the level of this power-up increases, so does the duration of the effect.

  • Boost – This is a super-speed and invisibility power-up that you can use to leave the apes behind. You can also bump into any barriers without accruing damage. Veteran Temple Run players like to combine this upgrade with the next power-up, the coin magnet or multiplier as it will provide an additional bonus to your score while the effects last.

  • Coin Magnet/Multiplier – This upgrade provides you with more coins that what you are collecting. It multiplies the worth of the coins you collect.

  • Resurrection Wings – This is a utility that will grant you a resurrection should your character dies. The utility needs to be activated as the effect comes automatically only when activated. If you have this utility, you should see a wing icon at the right most top corner of your screen. Tap on it to activate it.

  • Small Boost – This utility will give you a thousand meter boost, allowing you to outrun those apes and collect more coins.

  • Mega Boost – This has the same effect as the small boost. The only difference is that it will propel you around 1,500 meters more than the small boost.

Coins may also be used to unlock playable characters. The benefit of a new character only provides a cosmetic upgrade, though.

  • Guy Dangerous – The character you start with.

  • Scarlett Fox or Barry Bones – Cost 10,000 coins to unlock.

  • Karma Lee, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya, and Zach Wonder – Costs 25,000 coins to unlock.

Tips and Tricks

  • Most obstacles like fire, you can jump over. For other obstacles like trees, you will have to swerve to another lane to miss it. Some obstacles will require sliding your character, so don’t forget about it.

  • Timing your jump to collect coins is crucial. You can easily miss a lot of coins if you don’t jump at the right time.

  • Being greedy kills your character. Don’t risk your life for a few coins just because you want to buy a certain utility or unlock a new character.

  • Be careful on wooden docks and mossy rocks. Tilt with care when on these as you can easily fall off if you are not careful.

  • Remember to use your power-ups and utilities when you can. They will help you get a better score on a run. Saving them for a time when you may not even need it is pointless.