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Temple Run Hints

Temple Run is hands down the most addicting and challenging mobile game ever. People take it as a personal challenge to beat their friends score and secure themselves a spot in the glorious leader board charts. While the game is pretty straight forward, rest assured there are some cool Temple Run Hints and tricks that can help you become an expert!

Slow it Down

A great strategy for survival in this game is slowing it down from time to time. If you have enough Wings in your inventory, you can do some great things. Wings make you essentially invulnerable, not in the sense that you can’t die, but simply revive you if you do. The only problem is, the cool down – so what to do?

Let’s start of the acting the wings, and running like Usain Bolt until they start flickering alternately, meaning they are about to dissipate. You then have two option, either die on purpose and continue the game from where your character died in a very reduced speed, who is likely to sustain you from all harms until the cool down is over, or slow yourself down by brushing up against a wall or touching the middle area of the wooden obstacle on purpose, which will slow you down just enough to escape the monkeys.

Cheat Death

The most common way to die is either missing a turn (not swiping in time), or jumping head first into the water. Fortunately, there is one trick that can help you have a second chance and pick up from where you died. At all times, carry with you Temple Run Wings, who can resurrect you when you die. When you miss a turn, or jump to the water by a mistake double tap the screen in the mid before you touch the water to activate the wings on, making you re-appear and continue running from where you started. Another idea is to simply activate the wings at all times, but the downside is back the wings have a cool down, so you will be exposed to danger once they wean off. To pull this off, you will need to be very focused and fast with your finger, most players won’t double tap in time. Luckily for you, Guy Dangerous has a great air-time, almost like Michael Jordan!

Upgrade Coin Magnet Only

Yes, you read that correctly. Forfeit all power ups other than the coin magnet is you truly want to become a Temple Run pro. If you use the wings correctly, and are good enough to run for a long periods of time, there is no power up that will be nearly as effective as the coin magnet, who essentially triples your score. If you already upgraded other power ups, perhaps consider deleting the app and re-installing it and do it like a pro this time around!

Good luck!

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