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Temple Run in Minecraft

Temple Run is a very fun and addicting action video game that a lot of people got hooked on the minute it was introduced a few years ago. The idea behind the game is actually pretty simple, without even knowing the story behind it, what one is required to do is to run as fast as possible and as far away as possible from the malevolent demonic monkeys who are running after you, Temple Run in Minecraft is definitely an exciting game to play and it is a must that you try it out if you still haven’t.

Get to Know the Characters

There are a number of characters on this game you need to know and that you can control. The Guy Dangerous is your default explorer, Scarlett Fox is an escape artist, Barry Bones is the city cop who may have an attitude, Karma Lee is a Far East kind of explorer, Montana Smith happens to be the second greatest explorer, Francisco Montoya is a conquistador and last but not the least, Zack Wonder is a football star.

Each of these controllable players has their own set of abilities and only look differently from each other based on their physical attributes. Therefore, you can choose any of these characters to represent who you are when playing the game. Of course, men and women players have different skills as well so it is important to choose your player wisely.

Scores and Levels

Another important thing you need to familiarize yourself with when it comes to playing this kind of game is the different levels and powerups that may apply. The Mega Coin for instance is worth 150 points while getting a coin magnet simply means multiplying the value for your coins up to three times, the invisibility power may last you 30 short seconds and you can use a boost for up to 750 meters. Some coins may only begin to appear after you’ve reached at least 1000 meters while other coins may only be available after you’ve reached 2000 meters.

Game’s Objective

Without having to burst your bubble, the objective of Temple Run is actually very simple and that is to survive. At some point, the game becomes really very exciting and also tiring because your finger is the only one that controls the character’s speed. But of course, through practice, you will really get the hang of this game and you will be able to reach the farthest level needed to complete it.


Since this game is regarded to be truly exciting and popular it seems that a number of groups created their own versions of it. Disney for instance created its own Temple Run version for its movie entitled Brave and called it Temple Run: Brave. The idea behind the said game is exactly the same as the original but the only difference is that the characters as well as the setting were made to perfectly fit the image of Brave in the movie. And considering the fact that this game was only available for download with a fee, it was still considered to be one of the highest earning Disney games of all time.

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