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Temple Run Review

Temple Run is like a treasure hunting adventure movie where the hero explorer gets the treasure but needs to manage a maze of booby traps in order to survive, all while running in a speed which wouldn’t shame a marathon runner. Temple run is all about running, jumping and sliding through a temple and even collect coins to buy power ups that you use to cheat death constantly. Players control a character that is being chased by apes wearing skull masks and other baddies, and let me tell you this right now – they are not gonna stop chasing! You have a lot to do in this game such as sliding under flaming hoops, jump over drowned trees and find the way out to keep you alive. Rest assure your adrenalin levels are going to pump up!

The star of the game is a character that calls himself Guy Dangerous, and together with his fellow explorers they steal a rare idol from a very ancient temple, something very exotic. The game starts in the second you grab the idol as you take control over Guy, but in the second you do, a group of savage monkeys starts to chase you out of the temple, and this is where all the running begins. You can jump, duck and turn by pressing buttons or tilting your device. Temple Run is going to keep you on your feet, or better put on your hands for the entire session because the action is non-stop!

Indiana Jones – Rings any bells?!

Temple Run has a lot of features to enjoy. This includes: simple swipe and tilt controls are easy to use and just feel right; you can level up your character and use crazy power ups; the first original 3D running mechanic combining jumping, turning, tilting and sliding; you can play seven different characters; contains Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements where you can compete with your friends and comes with incredible fun and endless game play. With those features, you won’t get bored while playing the game. That makes the game unique plus it is very addictive game play. Temple run is absolutely awesome on iPad and iPhone – it truly takes the gaming experience to a whole new level, putting iOS devices on the map as real gaming devices!

Why is this game so addictive? Simply, it is a game that nobody can win it. Your hope is to survive as long as you can, so you’re going to die eventually, the question is – can you survive for the longer than your friends? The game uses system of rewards points which can be redeemed such as character power ups like invisibility, extra life or new characters all for single use only. Your character’s life depends on your swiping and keeps you at a constant momentum. In this case, you just need to keep running or jumping and tried not to get caught by those apes wearing skull mask. Also, players are challenged to collect coins in the course of the game to buy power ups.

Run like you never ran before…

Chasing begins the moment you grab a supernatural object. All you have to do now is hold yourself and run as fast as you can. You can find plenty of power ups to be unlocked such as magnet, pulling coins towards you while you keep on running or an item that makes you walk on air. As a player, you must complete every objective in the game in order to add another challenge in your game, and there are many of them!

In Temple Run there’s a saying – run for your life! Gather your friends now and get this game to experience a life full of running and jumping!

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