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Temple Run The Spartan

Temple Run is a never ending game (unless of course your character dies), which goal is to run as far as you can. The farther you go the higher points you will have. The number of coins that you will get along the way will also add up to your score. Beat your friends on the leadership board by collecting several coins and reaching far on the game. There are various objectives to achieve, making the game even more exciting. Some of the objectives are easy to get while others are very hard. One of the most challenging is Temple Run – The Spartan.

Game Play

Before learning how to achieve Temple Run – The Spartan objective, it is best to learn about the basics of the game first. Download and install this free game on a compatible device to start playing. Tap the game icon on the home screen and the main menu of the application will show up. Tap the Play option and the game will start. The story behind the game is that your character stole a sacred idol. Because of this, he will be chased by evil creatures. The character is on auto run so there is no need to control it to move forward. However, you need to control it when it needs to jump, duck, move left or right. Avoid the obstacles that would come your way like trees while running from the enemies.

Bumping on them will slow you down. This may cause your life as the evil monkeys may catch and kill you, which will end the game. Falling from a high place will also kill the character. If the character dies, the game will start all over again. Swipe up if the character needs to jump and down if it needs to duck. Swipe left if it needs to move left and right if it needs to go to that direction. As mentioned, there are coins that can be collected along the way. Tilting the device left and right will help get the coins. Aside from adding points, these coins can be used for various upgrades.

The Spartan and other Objectives

There are various objectives on the game and The Spartan is one of them. You will be able to achieve Spartan on Temple Run if you get 1 million points without using any of the power ups. Collect the coins along the way and avoid being killed until you reach 1 million points. Do not use any power ups to get this achievement. Once you reached 1 million, kill your character immediately by jumping on a cliff or letting the enemies kill it. You will then get The Spartan objective. If you use power ups after achieving 1 million points, you will not be able to get the achievement. So make sure that you kill your character after reaching the desired points. Here are other objectives that you may complete on the game.

Piggy Bank – get 250 coins

Resurrection – use the resurrection wings to review the character after dying

High Roller – get the score of 100, 000 points

Fantastic Four – make 4 characters available

Interior Decorator – make 3 wallpapers available


The coins that you collected can be used to upgrade power ups, utilities and characters. You can also purchase coins if you want a faster way to get these upgrades. The power ups that are available for upgrade include mega coin, coin magnet, invisibility, boost and coin multiplier. However, if you want to achieve The Spartan objective, you should not use any of these until you reached 1 million points and killed your character. The mega coin will give you a maximum of 100 coins. Upgrading this will give you more coins. The coin magnet will help you easily get the coins that you see along the way. There is no need to tilt the device when you have this as the coins will be automatically collected. However, this only lasts for a few moments. Upgrading this will make the effect of the power up last longer. Enemies will not be able to see you while using invisibility power up, though this will also wear out. Upgrading this will make the effect last longer. The boost power up will make the character run really fast and even faster on every upgrade. The coin multiplier power up will increase the number of the coins, as well as their value.

The small boost utility will make the character 1000m instantly far on the game, while the mega boost will make it 2500 farther. The resurrection wings will revive the character when it dies. You may also upgrade to other characters. They do not have special abilities but it would be fun to use other characters. Some of the options include Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya and Zack Wonder.