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Temple Run Tips

If you are looking for Temple Run Tips, you came to the right place!

While Temple Run Game isn’t a hard game to grasp, being good at it or mastering it isn’t as easy as you would think. In a nutshell, you have to outrun several killer apes that chase you. The apes will stop at nothing, and will always continue chasing you, and so your goal is to run as far as you can, or in other words get the highest score you can by running for as long as you can until you die.

  1. You have two ways of avoiding the fire trap obstacle. You can either jump over it, or slide underneath it, so make sure you choose the option that you feel more comfortable with. Still can’t decide? Choose by the coins pattern close to the trap, if there are coins under the fire trap slide under, if there are coins in the air simply jump over.

  2. Do you know about the Temple Run Wings? In Temple Run store, you can purchase a set of wings for 500 coins. You can purchase as many wings as you can’t in the store. Just double tap twice inside the game, and your character will grow a set of wings on his back, allowing you to resurrect should you die.

  3. Temple Run Wings last for about 30 seconds, so make sure you use them in the most appropriate time, which usually means not in the beginning of the game, but when it gets tougher. They also have a cool down of about 30 seconds as well, which means you’ll have to survive for half a minute before you can activate them again.

  4. A cool technique to reduce Guy’s running – simple tap twice and get the wings, and when they start to fade away or blink, simple suicide. This will cause your character to resurrect and the game should resume in slow mode. Now you can survive for 30 seconds easily before activating a new set of wings!

  5. If possible, when you master the game, consider deleting it and install it again, upgrading only the coin magnet. What this does is basically making sure the only bonus item you get throughout the game is the coin magnet will is guaranteed to boost you scores and more than triple it. The other bonuses are cool, but not as good as this. Should you upgrade all of them, the coin magnet will only appear from time to time, in a random regular basis!

  6. Try to avoid sliding under when possible. While in certain cases you would be forced to slide over objects, such as the wooden wall obstacle, in many other cases you are able to jump over or side stepping to avoid dangers. The reason why you shouldn’t slide under is because your vision gets distorted when you do, and by the time your characters stands up it might be too late – surprise, a broken platform!

  7. Many Temple Run players don’t know this but you can side step or rotate during a jump, or when you slide as well. Also, you can jump and immediately slide under. This is useful if there is a large gap in the terrain and a wooden wall directly after you land, forcing you to jump over and slide under almost instantly.

  8. Try to upgrade the entire set of power-ups, and then purchase wings in the mass, so you can make deep home-runs! This should improve your points multiplier and give you better overall scores!