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Temple Run & Temple Run 2 Online

Temple Run is one of the most downloadable iOS apps. It was ranked as number 1 free app for iOS . It was originally sold for 99 cents per download. It was developed by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova with Kiril Tchangov and was released under Imangi Studios. At first it was exclusive only for iOS devices, however, due to public demand it will be soon release in Android devices and hopefully for PC. There are players who are already asking of when it will be release online. A Temple Run Online version will surely become a big hit once launched. Many are looking forward on how the game will go online, whether there are changes or not and what new cool features will be added

A lot are curios on how the game goes. What are the game mechanics? The game revolves around the adventure of different explorers. The explorer steals a secret idol treasure in a temple, but before he can go out from the temple the demon-like monkeys start chasing him. The explorer must then escape from these monkeys, which will never stop chasing him – good thing he has a set of muscular legs!

In Temple Run game you control the character and guide him on his never-ending sprint. During the escape, the player may jump over or swipe under obstacles. Playing using the iPhone or iPod Touch, the player will swipe the screen to jump, swipe down to slide and swipe left or right to turn. No one knows how the cursor moves for the Temple Run Online but for sure it will be so similar to the iOS version. While you’re on the run you will find coins appearing, you must take these coins, you will use it to purchase an item that will make you become stronger or should I say it can buy power-ups.

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Temple Run may look a little complicated at first but when you start playing you will feel that it’s not that complex at all. Once you start running, you must be careful with your moves because one single wrong move will lead you to the hands of the monkeys. The game is pretty intense and fast-pace which makes it more entertaining. The Temple Run’s 3-D visual is not that perfect but you will not be able to notice this because most of the time you are on the speedy run.

Its only a matter of time until Temple Run Online mode will be released . All of us are very eager to play this awesome game online. We know that the long wait will be over soon and for sure the Temple Run Online will become a phenomenal hit again. Who will be the fastest one of them all? We’ll have to wait and see, hopefully not wait for too long though!

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